Current Date:

Monday, 30 April 2018

Government: 2018 is the Year of Economic Breakthrough in Sudan

Khartoum  - Vice-President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman has hailed the Sudanese people and their patience towards

the economic policies and effects of the economic blockade, saying that 2018 would be the year of economic breakthrough in the country, noting that there are big indications that Sudan would receive loans from Arab funds and international financing institutions, that would end effects of 20 years of blockade.
The Vice-President, speaking in an interview broadcast by Blue Nile TV channel Monday, pointed out that increasing production remains the key factor for ending the economic problems, referring to the arrangements that have been included in the new budget to deal with economic structuring and tackling the issue of subsidies for realizing justice so that subsidies would go to health, education, water and other basic services.
He noted that some 800,000 families receive direct support as two million families receive boost through the Zakat Chamber, adding that a million families have been brought under the umbrella of health insurance.
On the elections, the Vice-President said elections is the most suitable means for the peaceful transference of power, pointing out that the great number of political parties in the country, nearly 100,  requires reconsideration, noting that in most countries the number of political parties doesn’t exceed five parties.
The workshops that have been convened recently on the elections and political practice have come out with excellent recommendations that would reflect positively on the future of the political practice in the country, he said.
The Vice-President has noted that political parties should be of national nature away from any tribalism or regionalism, expecting amending the      Political Parties Act, in accordance with the recommendations made by the workshops in this connection.
He considered the National Dialogue as the biggest political project that has achieved consensus of the Sudanese people, calling on the holdouts to join the National Document.
The federal system of government has achieved great gains for the Sudanese people, including political participation, local and national development and mobilization of the society, the Vice-President said, calling for boosting the local government as it is the base of development.
He commended the outcome of the elections of the Bar Association, which have been won by the National Forces List, saying that it is considered as the biggest indicator for the success of the coming elections as it has been conducted in a fair and transparent manner amid real competition.