Current Date:

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Eastern Sudan Development and Reconstruction Fund Invites Turkey to Establish Technical University at the Red Sea

Khartoum – Engineer Abu Obeida Mohamed Duj, General Manager of the Eastern Sudan Development and Reconstruction Fund

, invited Turkey to establish a technical University at the Red Sea state with a cost of US$ 18 million. He stated in press statements that the Turkish government assured it commitment to establish a technical University in Port Sudan at the Red Sea state. Engineer  Duj pointed to that Eastern Sudan development and reconstruction fund had completed about 1,2 thousands developmental and serving  projects in  the three states of the East Kassala – Gadaref  and the Red Sea . The government had contributed with US$ 600 million during the period from 2007- 2012.
Engineer Abu Obeida Duj explained that the fund had completed also projects of the donors pointed to that 80% of 170 of these projects are implemented. He added that the fund depends mainly on agriculture to combat poverty among 5 million people in the Eastern Sudan. He added that the Fund implemented 15 projects in health and water in Swakin. In addition to huge project of transforming electricity with a total cost of US $15-18 million expected to complete within three months.
It worth mentioning that Eastern Sudan reconstruction Fund was established in 2006 according to the peace agreement signed between the government and the East front in Asmara – Eritrea. It aims to rehabilitate the war affected areas and provide social services in the fields of education, health and development and infrastructure, beside the rehabilitation of agriculture, industry, tourism and fishery sectors.