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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Role of Transportation in Stabilizing Prices

Transportation represents the backbone of economic movement, it can links production areas to markets

, and contributes to distribution of commodities, and also it has a major role in prices.
There are different types of transportation, each one has advantages and disadvantages, airplanes, ships, vans, lorries, cars and trains (Sea, Land, Air and railway) each transport way suits certain type of commodities, vegetables and fruits requires fastness, planes can be used, but it has negative implications such increasing the cost of production which reflect in to prices, while the trains has a characteristics, it is the cheapest way to carry a huge amount of goads  from remote areas, it is the  suitable way to transport certain of commodities, Sea and land sometimes affected by the security situation.
A good transportation network is necessary to facilitate the mission of traders and investors, the business activity has strong ties with airports, Sea ports, paved roads and bridges.
In autumn many states in Sudan suffer from transportation, they take a  long time to reach cities, villages and towns, the prices of commodities increase every autumn.
The other investment opportunities like tourism is need strong economic platform, roads and hotels alongside antiquities, also the culture of people has relation with economy, the way people eat, drink, wear and live can affect the prices, people adhere traditions and customs and still exercise bad habits and wrong behavior.
To overcome individual economic challenges people should have change ideas and thoughts, to set development projects focus should be on transportation, to attract foreign companies and business houses to run business facilities must cover the whole country, to link all states capital cities to the capital city of Sudan.
The other economic factor is good administration, to coordinate efforts and invest time, time is more important than money, nothing can be done without time, the element of time gives an indication to the success or failure of the projects.