Current Date:

Sunday, 25 February 2018

FAO Africa Regional Conference and the Poverty Circle

The world today is facing tremendous challenges that hinder the achievement of food security

, on the top of these challenges are; natural resources deterioration, globalization, urban expansion, climate change and, armed conflicts and wars.
So addressing these challenges in the agricultural sector must be innovative to increase production and productivity while preserving natural resources, and strengthening capabilities cities by the use  of effective innovations. 
The FAO (United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization) regional conference are organized on geographical divisions, and considered as a regional forum in which the ministers of agriculture and high officials in the region in addition to the representatives of the concerned regional and international organizations and institutions meet to discuss the latest challenges with the aim of increasing regional coordination on international agricultural policies.
The FAO, regional conference No. 29 which was convened in Abidjan in April, 2016, decided that the next regional conference No. 30 will be convened in Khartoum in Feb.2018 because  Sudan as a member of the MENA ( Middle East and North Africa) region plays a major and pioneering role as head of group and have worked during his presidency to strengthen ties and coordination with the FAO head office and its different specialized departments.
This conference concede with the initiative of the Sudan President of the Republic Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir’s initiate for food security and which was adapted by the Arab Summit in Riyadh (Saudi Arab) in 2013. Also, Sudan is hosting this conference in the context of his openness and Sudan endeavors for regional agreements aiming at the African content self-sufficiency in food and balanced diet.

Sudan Outlook

Sudanese experts look at this conference as an opportunity to strengthen regional cooperation between Sudan and African countries and it drives its importance from the wide participation of African ministers of agriculture and high officials and experts which gives opportunities for fruitful dialogue on the different issues and challenges facing the agricultural sector in Africa and in particular those relating directly to food security.
In prelude to the conference a forum was organized ON 22-23 Jan.2018, for the national and Africa civil society organizations on, “Sustainable Food and Agricultural Systems in Africa for production methods promotion and job creation for the youth”.

Sudan benefits

The state minister in the Ministry of Agriculture Al-Sadiq Fadallah says that Sudan have the agricultural potentialities for self-sufficiency and exports of agricultural products giving the priority to African countries. Also, that the government have adapted several policies to eradicate poverty, achieving food security, this is been implemented vide strategic and contractual partnerships to increase productivity by using innovative technologies. Adding that this meeting is an excellent chance, to strengthen the African regional integration efforts by enhancing regional cooperation between African countries vide exchange of knowledge, technology and investment.

Conference Aims

The regional conference aim to reach a comprehensive vision on the eradication of hunger by improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture and the creation of decent job opportunities for the youth , one of the major challenges for Africa today taking into account  the demographic situation.
The expected outcomes is hopes will address the agricultural needs of the African content .support the African Soldiery Fund, support partnerships between the different African regional groups which will asset in the attainment of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2030.