Current Date:

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Echo: Libyan Crises Threaten Internal and Regional Stability

The AU (African Union) has taken a very positive step in convening a Summit for the countries affected and concerned about the development in the security situation in Libya. It is very important that this African crisis be resolved by the efforts of African to avoid the negative impacts of regional and international interest on the situation.
We have already seen that the unwise and unclalled for statements and actions of both the previous and present United Nations envoys have complicated matters more of a multidimensional crises.
It is very important for the security and stability of Libya neighboring countries in particular and African in general that the AU should lead the efforts to resolve the conflict in Libya peacefully. In this respect, the fire power of American or French war planes will do that.
The real defeat of the extremists’ armed groups cannot be achieved in Libya without a genuine national reconciliation between the Libyans that exclude no ones. The United Nations must have the moral courage to admit that it negotiated peace accord have not achieved this aim to a large extent. So, give the space to the African Union to try and do what the UN has failed to do.
This requires that the international community and in particular the USA and France stop from sending different signals that complicates more an already complicated situation and instead give all possible support to the AU efforts.