Current Date:

Saturday, 01 July 2017

Echo: Trump and Clinton: Two Faces of the Same Coin

Today early morning the world will know who is the next USA president, the fanatic Donald Trump or the foxy Hillary Clinton. But at the end of the day it is highly unexpected that whoever is the winner will be there is going to be any fundamental change in the US foreign policy but there may be some radical change in the internal policies towards the power and minorities if Donald Trump wins.
This is because the fundamental components of the  American foreign strategies is formulated by the industrial-military complex in an unholy and close  alliance with the monopolistic financial sector  and the president has a very limited  margin in influencing any change in these strategies. This is of course if he in the first place does not agree with it from the start and that is an unlikely matter, because for example, Hillary Clinton is a devoted daughter of the American establishment.
On the other hand Donald Trump almost knows nothing about foreign strategies and policies and so will depend on the Republican party advisers who have led in the past the US to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and now in Syria and Libya.
So, any hope that the election of a new US president democratic or republican will make a difference for the world especially in the Middle East and Africa is just pipe dreams.