Current Date:

Saturday, 05 August 2017

Business Vision: Diplomacy of Economy

Sudanese diplomatic missions play a significant role to defend national interests and to protect economic potentials

, many people believe that diplomacy means political relations with others, but the real functions of embassies is to promote economic power of the state and to create strong relations and links between national business and business worldwide.
Many diplomats concern with negotiations, talks, mediations as an exercise way to carryout duties, they neglect the main mission, to establish trade exchange and mutual visits between businessmen and economic sectors public and private.
In each embassy we find an economic attaché to study the economic activities in the hosted state, to study the market, to see which type of goads can Sudan export, and which one can be imported, also his duty is provide economic data to business houses and companies he can promote mining, agriculture, tourism, industry and all aspects of investment, his mission is to persuade both private and public sectors to run business affairs with Sudan.
Many agreements have been signed and contracts were convened between Sudan and all countries that joint Sudan in the meetings of the ministerial councils as technical bodies to implement the protocols, but unfortunately the outcome of the agreements is the ambitions.
We don’t know the reason behind the failure, in spite of this there are some good experiments, the language of economy is the dominated nowadays, the strongest country in the fields of politic depends on its economic power and activity, and your economic power makes you to be an active country.
There is a proverb says, the person that he doesn’t able to feed himself, is a person who disables to take decision, Sudan can  play a crucial role to contribute effectively to settle economic disputes among nations and states
The policy adopted by the government of Sudan toward US should be based on “economy” US people and government believe in interests and business, Sudan has an economic value, if US doesn’t respect these potentials there are other countries can do that, US is not the only economic power, Sudan has options and alternatives.