Current Date:

Sunday, 24 December 2017

What after this Decisive Move Dear Minister

All indicators confirm that as he said, but are we ready dear minister? (Deeds speak louder than words) In press statements

after his return from Washington where he headed Sudan’s delegation to the spring meeting of the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB), Minister of Finance and Economic Planning said their discussions on the sidelines of the meeting showed some indicators for the permanent lift of sanctions. But when we read a High-Level Delegation from America will visits Sudan Mid-May for cooperation and discusses the industrial opportunities in the sector of Oil and how to develop its industry in Sudan; the delegation is belonging to the Company of (Luk Oil) which specialized in the field of Oil and Gas in the United States and number of Countries of the World. Also when we read a delegation comprises different American institutions visited Khartoum to get acquainted with the experience of Sudan in combating terrorism and benefit from it had met institutions concerned with combating of terrorism in the country…
Minister of Investment, Industry and Tourism of the River Nile State, one day announced that US companies are working on the design of investment projects in the state… A number of US businessmen visits and had visited Sudan of cooperation and discusses the industrial opportunities in the sector of Oil and how to develop industry in Sudan, this opportunities like oil exploration and production and the introduction of modern technology, pipelines, refineries and all related to the work of the oil industry in various aspects in the upstream and downstream. furthermore we must understand that all this circles have one goal aims to discuss the investment opportunities available in Sudan particularly the field of oil and gas industry and development at all stages.  We can’t describe all these Official activity as just indications this is practical steps, forward steps and formal visits must read with other activist in same context represented in the US diplomatic mission at Khartoum which implemented more formal actions last week defiantly on the Wednesday that Deputy of public affairs in the US embassy Jennie Munoz, was visiting the premises of (Sudan Vision) in enhancing the ties between Khartoum and Washington and her visit comes coincide World Press Freedom Day, on the same day for same tenor Jennie Munoz had implemented another visiting to National Council For Press and journalistic publication and with Secretary General spoke about Journalists training.   
 When we read all this American moves precise description there is reality seriously tangible good intention, and the question which imposes itself are we ready to absorb consequences of permanent or full lift these trade and economic sanctions on Sudan or would be lifted permanently in July? I think the efforts exerted previously and ongoing now to lift or drop this sanctions need it itself ddoubled efforts like same what before exerted, I fear we will inter in frenzy the decision affects study on all aspect, neglecting our institutional reform our what shall we do earnest steps to reform the laws, legislative process and comprehensive reform of the civil service and the reclassification of a state was been an enemy and will be soon become a friend.
Dear Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs in this crucial accuracy stage we should turned over page of old dealt involve with American Administration, we need new horizon new open mentality in politician affaires to steer rationally dialogue with American administration and decision’s makers there, very important thing the mutual respectful, avoid any provocative action for two countries, The Sudanese people most affected harmful from resolutions and politician stances the peoples, the people cannot afford more suffering than they have with this unilateral economic sanctions the two countries have lost a lot, please dear Minster,  Prime minster we appeal you to keep and maintain this great opportunity for Sudanese  people.