Current Date:

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Al-Gizouli: Logistic Support Provided to First Batch of Sudanese Refugees Who Returned to N. Darfur

Khartoum - The first batch of Sudanese refugees, returning from Chad, have arrived in Al-Teina  Locality in North Darfur State in implementation of the tripartite agreement signed by the Government of the Sudan, the Government of Chad and the UNHCR.
Sudan’s Commissioner of Refugees Hamad Al-Gizouli has said the Chadian Government has transported the returning refugees to the Chadian Teina, who are then transported to Al-Teina area in North Darfur State by the Commission for Refugees and the UNHCR.
Al-Gizouli has said in a statement to Sudan Vision that he and the representative of the UNHCR have received the returnees, affirming that the peace and stability Darfur states are witnessing now have constituted big incentive for the Sudanese refugees to decide to return to the homeland.
He pointed out that the return of the Sudanese refugees from Chad finds great concern from the Presidency, the Ministry of Interior and the Commission for Refugees, indicating that the returnees have been provided with financial supports and food and shelter materials and utensils to enable them to reintegrate in the society.
Al-Gizouli noted the process of return of the Sudanese refugees from Chad would continue in the coming days, describing the great joy and pleasure shown by the returning refugees to their homeland, a matter that proved the big desire of the refugees to return to their home areas.
He added that the commission is working in collaboration with a number of organizations to provide agricultural tools and seeds to enable the returnees to catch up with the farming season, pointing out that the representative of the UNHCR has also promised to extend support to the refugees who returned earlier spontaneously as well as to the host communities.