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Friday, 06 April 2018

What Is the Real Scenario between Egypt and Eritrea?

Dr. Hassan Salman the (Eritrean), expert in African issues talked openly in an interview with (SMC) about the nature of the relation between Egypt and Eritrea and what is the expected scenarios.
The Border Closing between Sudan and Eritrea:
Dr. Hassan Salman made it clear regarding this issue and   simply he said from the Sudan  point of view "it is something normal when any country feel danger in any way, it will start security actions giving the massage that they cannot be underestimated".  The effect on Eritrea " in the past we were talking about life from the prospective of freedom but now we are talking from the prospective of surviving, since Sudan had closed the borders and no trade with Sudan the living status in Eritrea had become terrible and if the Eritrean government continue in their actions the result is going to be catastrophic".  Also, he added "Sudan government is a nation that have always supported the Eritreans and since the revolution, they helped in many ways, they opened the borders for the Eritrean refugee, gave the Eritrean students chances to study in Sudan and many other things" HE. Also, pointed  to that "Sudan was the first country that acknowledge Eretria after the plebiscite and many political and social agreements had been sighed with Sudan, moreover Sudan government had crucial stand against the Eritrean opposition that was planning to stand against the development of the country, sadly the Sudanese opposition found a place to be active in Eritrea"

Egypt Support to Eretria:

This question in this matter was very important and Dr. Hassan comment was "the Eritrean government always invest in the disagreements between countries ( Sudan , Egypt) and (Egypt, Ethiopia), so they teamed  up with Egypt to find a place in the puzzle"  ;he added that " the Eritrean nation was surprised by this new development in the relation between Eretria and Egypt and , they start asking what is the benefit of this new relation and the answer was, there is no logical explanation of that and Eretria have acted  without thinking about the outcome  and the strategic relation with other countries and in all the cases, the loser is Eretria" also he pointed that " the main reason of the new bond will benefit Egypt in the first place , which is to make Sudan not focus with Ethiopia"
The Last Visit of Afwerki to Egypt:
Dr. Hassan comment  that "the main target of this visit was  to make agreements with Egypt to cool things down and to search for solutions, because Eretria found itself in a very bad situation after closing the borders" 

From the Editor:
This interview highlighted many things concerning the Sudanese and Eritrean issue. If Eritrean wants to get out of this situation they put them self in, they need think to logically and know who to team up with.