Current Date:

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Sudan and Afro- Arab World, A Major Player

Khartoum- Sudan has strategic situation as a joining link in the Fro-Arab world. The political and economic in Sudan

which represented in the meetings and conferences held in Khartoum showed the importance of Sudan in the area.
  Recently Khartoum witnessed the organizing of the 14th Ordinary Conference of CISSA on combating terrorism in Africa, in the period from 28th 30th September 2017 with distinctive participation of African experts and intellectuals. The organizing of that conference in Khartoum three times since the founding of CISSA in 2004 reflects the vital role of Sudan in the African Region as well as the Arab world.
Sudan is now more qualified to host such big conferences concern the area. Lifting of economic sanctions on 6th October, will open a new track for the bilateral relations between Sudan and the friend countries .The whole world is now is looking towards Sudan ,for new opportunities of investments .  Tens of Saudi Arabia companies are on their way to invest in Sudan.  In addition to the western companies and businessmen who declared their desire to invest in Sudan.
Sudan is working to set the suitable and stable situations to face the influx of the giant Arab capitals and Intercontinental companies. The recent campaign of collecting the firearms is considered a real indicator to realizing more peace and security and stability in Sudan.
These efforts are culminated by the recent visit of the President of the Republic Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bashir to Kuwait and Qatar in his way to Saudi Arabia. The timing of this visit of H.E the president is reasonable after lifting of sanctions; it considers a real pushing forward and developing the bilateral relations in the Arab area. Qatar expressed its great concern with Darfur Green Project, and its implementation, beside other developmental projects.  Qatar also expressed  readiness to contribute in investments required by Sudan .This visit in particular strengthens the role Sudan in normalizing relations between the Arab Gulf States which witnessed some sort of tension.
These political and economic developments will play a role in the expecting conference of Rehabilitation of Sudan, which adopts by the Arab League in the context of the initiative of the President al Bashir to realize the Arab Food Security in the Arab Summit held in Ryhad –Saudi Arabia, to fill the food gap in the Arab World.
Arab Funds have their role in supporting this initiative and the rehabilitation of Sudan.