Current Date:

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Can Abdel-Wahid Nur Resuscitate SPLM-N Movement

It is clear that the SPLM-N has continued to repeat the past mistakes and does not benefit from the lesson of the mother movement

that has collapsed after it had reached the stage of the state.
Prominent leaders of SPLM-N have disclosed that agreements have been reached between SPLM-N led by  Abdel-Aziz Al Hilu and SLM led Abdel-Wahid Mohamed Nur on formation of an strategic alliance between the two rebel groups in the military and political fields.
The leaders, who preferred to remain anonymous, affirmed that Abdel-Wahid's faction, after it had lost all its positions, is attempting to utilize the potentials of SPLM-N movement to serve its agenda, pointing out that the committees that have been set up for the purpose have already embarked on their works at Kauda area and discussed opening of a new front in Nuba Mountains area and setting up of a political leadership to be headquartered at Kauda area.
The Leaders pointed out that the delegation of Abdel-Wahid's movement, that participated in these meetings had entered into Nuba Mountains area through the territories of South Sudan.
International Developments:
However, new developments have occurred in the international politics. Observers note that the international community has become aware of the dangerous repercussions of supporting the armed movements, a matter that has led it to change its attitude towards these movements and labeling them as “mercenaries”. This change has reflected markedly on the rebel movements, including the conflicts that erupted among the rebel groups recently, after they had lost the political and technical support they had been receiving in the past.
Juba Contradictions:
Despite the great changes that had occurred in the international politics, South Sudan is still opening its territories for the Darfurian armed movements, despite its continuous claims that it doesn’t harbor these movements. Adel-Wahid Nur, who lost his position in Paris, has moved to Juba to form an alliance with SPLM-N. Information affirms that Abdel-Wahid’s movement met with SPLM-N in Kauda to form an alliance between the two parties had passed through South Sudan.
Observers see that the SPLM-N has remained attempting to make provocative acts against the government to lead it into war so that the movement would say the government had violated the existing ceasefire and the cessation of hostilities, a matter that makes the international community sympathizes with the rebel movement. The movement usually resorts to such act prior to any peace talks with the government. This shows that the movement is not willing to reach peace and stability.
Meanwhile, a number of observers note that the call by the exceptional conference held by SPLM-N recently for self-determination didn’t find any support among the leaders in the area as it was an unfortunate step that would lead to complicating the situations.
They considered what had been presented at the SPLM-N conference as mere bargaining by Al Hilu to gain support of Nuba citizens in the movement, despite he knows well it is an impossible step.
One of the leaders of Nuba Mountains’ people living abroad, Adam Gamal Ahmed, strongly rejected self-determination call by SPLM-N conference, saying that Nuba Mountains is inseparable part of the geographical north and no one support self-determination.