Current Date:

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Society Studies Center Discusses Effects of Globalization and International Migration on Urban Poverty

Khartoum- The Society Studies Center (SSC) organized yesterday a workshop titled the “Effects of Globalization Reactions and International Migration on Urban Poverty in Greater Khartoum,” prepared and presented by Dr. Ahmed Ali Sabil, in the presence of a number of specialists, concerned bodies and the media.
Dr. Sabil said at the outset of his reviewing to the working paper that the study is part of development research, which is given high consideration internationally, adding that the main axes of the study include globalization, international migration and urban poverty, pointing to the importance of these phenomena that qualify them to be among the priorities of scientific research.
The research concluded that globalization and international migration aggravate poverty in Greater Khartoum, recommending establishment of a scientific monitoring institution for the three phenomena and their interactions and the results of these interactions as well as working out policies for boosting the capacities of the citizens for competing for work opportunities in Khartoum.