Current Date:

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Al Bashir Inaugurates New Building of Bank of Sudan Gineina Branch

Khartoum -  Governor of Central Bank of Sudan Hazim Abdulgadir has affirmed supporting the projects that provide state resources saying that increase of production and

productivity will lead to increasing export which in turn will reflect positively on improving national currency exchange rate
He pledged that the banking system will perform its role in full harmony with relevant agencies towards implementing the state targets which were based on increasing production in addition to confirming that banks are to work diligently for reaching customers in their location and enlighten them on the new services delivered by banks for attracting more deposits to the banking system
He noted that banks are giving more attention to micro-financing operations for serving valued customers economically highlighting bank keenness on providing resources for financing development projects
Hazim said on the occasion of  the inauguration of the new branch of Bank of Sudan in Gineina,  by the President of the Republic that the spread of branches comes in the context of bank effort for covering all the states by banking services.