Current Date:

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Al Bashir Threatens to Reach out for Hidden Arms

Khartoum: President of the Republic  Field Marshal Omer Al Bashir said continuation of work in development projects in Darfur is subject to maintaining peace as  peace is the

key element  to advancement .
He held the  rebellion liable for suspending development projects in the year 2003 threatening to reach out for all the hidden arms in the arms collection campaign.
Al Bashir has yesterday committed himself in an address to the masses at the region of For Branga to complete all services projects like roads, bridges, schools and hospitals demanding the citizens and the local authorities to preserve security and social peace to guarantee continuation of development operation.
He called for all to hand over their arms and leave the tasks of maintaining   security to the government which affirmed its capability of performing this tasks, lauding the performance of police forces , security and the rapid support forces highlighting the need for cooperation in arms collection mission.
Al Bashir further directed giving attention to the internally displaced persons and including them in the housing plan and facilitating the return of those desiring to return to their original regions.