Current Date:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Hassabo Returns Home after Participating in the Libyan Mechanism Meeting

Khartoum – VP Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman returned to Khartoum on Saturday after attending the meeting of the African Union High Level Mechanism on the situation

in Libya held in Congo Brazzaville.
State Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Atta Al-Mannan Bakhit said that participation in the meeting confirmed Sudan's firm position on the Libyan issue, namely that the solution is Libyan one, away from any external interference, pointing out that Sudan has played a major role in achieving security and stability in Libya, Especially after the recent visit of Faiz Al-Sarraj and his consultations in the Sudan, pointing out that there is communication and coordination between the Sudan and various neighboring countries and some other countries interested in the African issue, pointing out that the Libyan issue has become linked to large issues including human trafficking and transnational crimes, in addition to terrorism issues, stressing the importance of such meetings, expressing his hope that these meetings contribute to the security and stability in Libya in the next phase, stressing that the security and stability of Libya is not reflected on Sudan alone, but on the countries of the region as a whole.