Current Date:

Friday, 15 September 2017

Agar and Arman Plan to Organize General Congress

Khartoum - Dissidents leaders from the northern sector of Blue Nile revealed movements of the rebels Malik Agar and Yassir Arman in order to hold a general conference of the movement to block the road before Al-Hillu.
Leading figure Osama Dujo said in a statement to (SMC) that Agar and Arman are preparing to hold a general conference parallel to the general conference which will be organized by the new  leadership of the SPLM under the chairmanship of Abdul Aziz Al-Hillu and they have started contacts to coaxing dissidents from the movement in Blue Nile,  pointing out that non-recognition of African Mechanism of two delegations to negotiate with the government push Agar and Arman to take proactive measures by holding general congress and obstruct the efforts of Al-Hillu, expecting the failure of the former leadership of the movement to reach results enable them to hold the conference, adding” Negotiation is based on many obligations, most notably the identification of areas of military presence and this is missing by the former leadership of the movement”.