Current Date:

Friday, 15 September 2017

Sudan Foils Attempts by Egypt to Include Halayeb in its Map during Arab Survey Meeting

Khartoum - (SMC) The Director General of the Sudanese Survey Authority, Prof. Abdallah Al Sadig, has disclosed that Sudan had objected to presenting by Director of the Egyptian Survey Department a map of Egypt containing the occupied Halayeb triangle during the meeting of the Arab Survey Directors, which was convened in Qatar recently.
Prof. Al Sadig has said in a statement to SMC that Sudan’s objection to the Egyptian map has found acceptance by the countries participating in the meeting.
He has pointed out that he interrupted the Egyptian Survey’s Director by saying “the map includes part of Sudan whose area amounts to 25 thousands square kilometers and is inhabited by Sudanese people of Beja and other Sudanese tribes and is void of any Egyptian citizen.”
He indicated that he reviewed during the meeting the history of Sudan and its civilizations besides the developed survey in Sudan, affirming that Sudan is considered one of the best countries concerning survey engineering.