Current Date:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Government Announces Readiness to Resume Negotiations on the Two Areas

Khartoum - The government announced its readiness to resume the peace process with the SPLM-N, to complete the negotiation process on the Blue Nile and South

Kordofan areas, according to the four axes set by the African Union High Implementation Panel (AUHIP) led by Thabo Mbeki.
The government delegation member, Abdul Rahman Abu Median said that their delegation is ready and authorized to resume negotiations with the SPLM-N, according to the African mediation axes, referring to the African road map document and the American initiative to deliver humanitarian aid to the two areas, adding that the government delegation is waiting for the outcomes of the congress of the SPLM-N, which will be held next month, explaining that the recent meeting of Al-Hillu group with the US mediation was only to explore the position of the movement on some issues, noting that the critical conditions in the areas of the movement will have to accelerate the pace to resume the peace process in Addis Ababa.
AUHIP headed by Thabo Mbeki asked the delegation of Al-Hillu group about their vision of self-determination during their last meeting in Addis Ababa.
Head of the African Union Liaison Office in Khartoum, Mahmoud Kan, said on Sunday that the African mediation discussed with the members of the delegation of the SPLM-N, Al-Hillu group, what reported on self-determination, where the delegation explained that the claim is intended to address the roots of the crisis in the two areas, pointing out that the delegation informed them that the movement wants the unity of the country, not separation.