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Monday, 01 January 2018

Al-Rikabi: American Confirmations of Full Re-Allowing of Remittances

Khartoum - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mohamed Saleh Al-Rikabi announced that Sudan received letters and assurances from American institutions on re-

allowing of financial transfers to and from Sudan from all over the world as of last Thursday.
The minister said that their obtaining ,for the first time since the partial lifting of the economic sanctions in January last year, of written letters from US financial institutions on bank transfers, is considered  a major breakthrough in Sudan's relations with the global financial sector, international institutions, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, investors, In addition to the Sudanese expatriates, estimated at about five million transfer outside the banks, about six billion dollars annually.
"Despite the resentment of the decision, it has made significant gains on the issue of international and banking remittances from and to Sudan, where Sudan receives a written letter signed by the US Treasury on the total re-allowing of remittances and the flow of remittances," the minister said.
Al-Rikabi stressed the continuation of his ministry in dealing with regional and international financial institutions such as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, African Development Bank, Arab funds and friendly countries to achieve economic stability and attracting foreign investments to productive sectors.