Current Date:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Strengthening of Economic Cooperation between Sudan and UAE

Khartoum - Investment Minister, Mubarak Al-Fadil discussed, during his meeting with UAE Ambassador Hamad Mohamed Al-Junaibi, ways to strengthen and

develop economic cooperation between the two countries, especially the increase in the flow of UAE investments in the country.
The meeting stressed the importance of investment in the economic mobility of resources and its role in the issue of food security, and the need to direct resources especially in the fields of agricultural production to food security issues, pointing to the growing volume of UAE investments in Sudan in various investment sectors and their contribution to increase production.
The UAE ambassador affirmed the relations of joint cooperation between the two countries and the role of investment in its development in the interest of mutual interests.
Minister of Investment stressed the ministry's keenness to attract more UAE investments for its role in introducing modern technologies and developing production systems, pointing out to the continuous efforts to deepen the role of investment in the national economy. He praised the continuous communication and coordination between the ministry and the UAE embassy in investment issues and removing obstacles facing the UAE investments in Sudan.