Current Date:

Saturday, 17 June 2017

FVP Briefed on the Performance of Tourism Ministry

Khartoum - FVP, National Prime Minister, Bakri Hassan Saleh reviewed the performance of the ministry of tourism and Wildlife and its efforts in implementing a number of

tourism projects, especially the tourism survey project.
This came during his meeting here yesterday with the Minister of Tourism, Mohamed Abu Zaid Mustafa, who said, in a press statement, that he presented to FVP enlightenment on the tourism survey project n the first phase, which covered all parts of Sudan, noting that the meeting touched on the project of traditional industries as one of  projects consistent with the government program to decrease poverty, pointing out that his ministry has worked on preparing a plan on the tourist map project in the country to be presented to the Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization in order to find donors to finance this project.