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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Female Journalists Ramadan Iftar with the Vice President and His Wife

(Neimat– Shadia –Najat) Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman Vice President of the Republic welcomed female journalists at Rmadan Iftar organized at his resident in Khartoum

last week. Zeinab Ahmed Al-Tayeb , the Sudanese Parliament member , the wife of Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman had invited more than 500 female journalists to Raman Iftar last week at her residence in Kober . Top officials, states ministers, some representatives of political parties, Sudanese Journalists Union executive committee, and the Editors-In-Chiefs are taken part in the female journalists Iftar.
Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, Vice President of the Republic addressed the occasion expressed his pleasure and proud with this great number of female journalists . He assured the presidency commitment to solve all problems of the female journalists with their different specializations in the mass media. He called on the important of the capacity building, and developing this sector .He invited the female journalists to hold a regular meetings or forums at his resident dialogue for debating and discussing their different issues. He said that Sudan has a clear strategy towards developing the information sector. He called on the female journalists to work hard for social peace, development, stability
Zeinab Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Women secretariat at the National Congress Party NCP , Parliament member, expressed her great pleasure to receive and welcome her sisters in the different mass media assured their effective role in the Sudanese Society. She talked frankly and warmly from heart to heart in simple and strong words. She called on the female journalists to have their real seats in the mass media pointed to the deep rooted role of journalists in the society.
Journalist Dr. Bakhita Amin, the prominent figure in all mass media talked on behalf of her colleagues. The journalists conveyed great thanks Hassabo Mohamed Abdul Rahman, the Vice President and his wife Zeinab for the unrecorded invitation that gathered these distinctive journalists who represent different generations of female journalists in the TV, Radios and Newspaper in addition to Sudan News Agency SUNA.  Bakhita in her frank speech shed light on the real problems of the female journalists pointed to the great and vital roles of the female journalists, explained that they represented more 60% in the mass media. She added that they don’t occupy the top rank jobs as Editor-In-Chief, or General Manager etc.
She described the meeting with the vice President and his wife as an open forum of one family members discussing their problems and the expectations frankly, hoping to find out solutions to the female journalists problems.