Current Date:

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Ministry of Industry: Shortage in Financing Poses Main Obstacle for Pharmaceutical Industries

Khartoum- State Minister at the Ministry of Industry Abdu Daoud has disclosed that shortage in financing poses the main obstacle

for the pharmaceutical industries in the country, pointing out that the government made available a sum of 35 million dirham last year and 20 million dollars in the current year for the purpose, giving a major boost to the industry.
Speaking at the regular journalists’ forum, known as Journalists Ramadan Tent, the State Minister said the funding has contributed to increasing the self-sufficiency rate of medicines in the country by 10% compared to the situation in the past.
The State Minister pointed out that the number of the pharmaceutical factories in the Sudan has reached 26 factories besides one factory for veterinary medicines, adding that there are also 4 intravenous solutions factories, kidney dialysis solutions 2 factories and medical supplies 3 factories besides 9 factories, which are under construction.
Sudan now produces 750 types medicines, 128 types of which meet the local needs by 100%, the State Minister noted.
The Chairman of the Importers Union, Dr. Salah Swaraddahab, on his part, stressed that the pharmaceutical industry needs great support to enable the citizens to buy medicines at affordable prices, welcoming the foreign investment in the sector.
State Minister at the Ministry of International Cooperation Somaya Akad, on her part, stressed that the country possesses all the requirements for the pharmaceutical industry, urging the national investors to enter in the sector.
Representative of Amipharma company, Dr. Mamoun Al Tahir, who is member of the Pharmaceutical Industries Chamber, stressed that the national pharmaceutical industry is characterized by high standard of quality, inviting journalists to visit the factories to see the quality standards adopted there.