Current Date:

Saturday, 31 March 2018

FVP Inspects Sudan Center for Heart

Khartoum – (SUNA) National Prime Minister and the First Vice President, 1st  Lt Gen Bakri Hassan Saleh, on Thursday paid a visit to the Sudan Center for Heart, in the company of the minister for Defense, Lt Gen Awad Mohamed Ahmed Bin Oaf, the chief of Staff Lt Gen Imad Adawi and the Minister for Health, Bahr Idris Abu  Garda as well as the Director of the Office of the Sheikh Enid Bin Hamad Al Thane's Charity Society
The First Vice President and the National Prime Minister inspected the intensive care unit, the medium care Unit and the open heart surgery Wards beside the camp set to carryout out open heart surgery and catheter operations for some 60 children, free of any charges
The Minister for health has underlined in a statement to the Sudan news agency his ministry's support for the center and for the open heart and other surgeries in the country, within the efforts seeking to localize medical treatment in the country.
He said the visiting delegation has carried out 30 complex operations and that the success rate is very high. He said the team is expected to carry out yet 20 operations raising the total to 50 operations on children
The Minister pointed out that Qatar was the only country that backed the Sudan and particular in the health fields.