Current Date:

Monday, 01 January 2018

President Dissolves Government

Khartoum -- President Al Bashir on Thursday dissolved his government and tasked the ministers to continue with their existing responsibilities

until the formation of the National Consensus Government.
The move follows the appointment of Bakri Hassan Saleh as the first prime minister since President Al Bashir took power in 1989, in implementation of the outcome of the national dialogue conference.
The  Information Minister and Government Spokesperson Ahmed Balal Osman Thursday told reporters the President issued two decrees related to the cabinet’s dissolution and the continuation of existing ministers until a new one has been formed.
He further added that Al Bashir and Saleh will engage consultations with the political parties before to announce the new government and described the bargaining as a "complex process".
He added the number of ministries and the share of every party are not yet fixed but the standards of choice have been set up including the political forces participating in the government, and qualifications of ministers who will be picked for the federal and regional levels.
The new prime minister, however, shared the weekly meeting of the cabinet. He praised the efforts exerted by the acting ministers during the past period and vowed to form the new government during the upcoming days.
Ahead of chairing a cabinet session, Saleh was sworn-in at the Presidential Palace in Khartoum.
Present to the swearing-in ceremony before President Omar Al Bashir, were the Chief Justice Ahmed Haidar Dafa’a Allah and Presidential Affairs Minister Fadul Abdallah.
In a press statement after the ceremony, the Prime Minister of the National Consensus Government expressed his utmost appreciation for the confidence placed in him by the President.
He further expressed hope to carry out responsibilities guided by the outcome of the national dialogue and to form an inclusive government including all the forces that participated in the process and to achieve peace, stability and to reduce poverty.
Following Saleh’s choice for the new post by the ruling National Congress Party leadership body, President Al Bashir stated that all the political forces involved in the dialogue process endorsed his old friend.
In addition, he said that the position of the second vice-president would be maintained in line with the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur, which is now part of the constitution.
The president further emphasised that the purpose of all the constitutional reforms, including the post of prime minister, is to undertake the needed reforms during the transitional period and to prepare a permanent constitution.
He pointed that the National Document encompassing the resolutions of the dialogue conference, saying it would remain open for the holdout groups and would be the foundation of the future constitution.
"The journey continues and anyone can ride the train without tickets and from any station," he said in a message to the opposition groups that refuse to acknowledge the internal process and its outcome.