Current Date:

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Government: Statements by Consensus Alliance are Mere Slogans

Khartoum- The Sudanese Government has described statements made by the opposition National Consensus Alliance on the fall of the government as (mere slogans), that they do not concern it, affirming that the doors will remain open to all who want realization of peace and joining the National Dialogue march.
The Minister of Information, Dr. Ahmed Bilal, said in a statement carried by the Sudan Media Center Sunday that the government would not be concerned with the opposition if it insisted on the removal of the government and non recognition of the outcome of the National Dialogue, saying that “their statement is similar to what they always repeat and that they have no weight.”
The Minister reaffirmed that the door is still open for whoever wants peace and dialogue, pointing out that the government will exert efforts with the SPLM-North for realization of comprehensive peace, referring to trends by some arms holders strategically towards peace.