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Wednesday, 04 April 2018

Al Bashir: Government had only Two Difficult Options Concerning Recent Economic Measures

And Direct Implementation of the Darfur Corona Peace Agreement

Khartoum- President Omer Al Bashir has said the government has resorted to the recent economic measures because it had only two difficult options of either carrying out

a deep surgery that would prevent the collapse of the economy and consequently the state or adopting these measures to rescue the economy.
Al Bashir said in an address he made during a visit to the Military Intelligence Corp there were necessities that required implementation of the recent economic measures as they were unavoidable surgery, according to Ashorooq TV channel.
Meanwhile, Al Bashir pointed out that there is no negotiations with the arms holders inside or outside Sudan, indicating that the National Document worked out by the National Dialogue was signed by 116 parties and if the arms holders are serious towards peace they should sign the document.
On the other hand ,last Tuesday, the government of Central Darfur state said it signed a peace deal with commanders from SPLM-AW including Abu Gamal Khalil Bakr, Al-Amin Abdel-Jabar al-Tahir (aka Al-Amin Turo) and the movement’s spokesperson Shihab al-Din Ahmed Hagar.
The official news agency (SUNA) said that Al Bashir on Sunday met with his Defence Minister First Lt. General Awad Ibu Ouf and Central Darfur governor Gaafar Abdul-Hakam besides several senior army officers to discuss the Corona agreement.
It pointed out that Al Bashir issued directives to continue the voluntary return operations in Jebel Marra, saying the peace process must be attractive in this stage.
Abdul-Hakam told reporters following the meeting that he briefed President al-Bashir on the details of Corona agreement that has been signed in Jebel Marra last week.
He said that large number of fighters has returned to state’s capital, Zalengie under the agreement, saying they have been enrolled into the training camps.
The governor stressed the need to focus on the humanitarian situation in Jebel Marra, pointing to importance to complete the process of demobilization and reintegration of ex-fighters who have not been accommodated in the regular forces.
He added that Al Bashir directed him to continue his contacts with the rest of the rebel groups in order to complete the peace process in Darfur, stressing that Jebel Marra area is now free of rebellion.
For his part, the head of the General Staff of the Sudanese Army Lt. Gen. Imad Al-Din Adawi underscored their commitment to implement the Corona peace agreement and in particular the security arrangement item.
He pointed that more than 40,000 people have returned to Rokoro area under this agreement, praising efforts that the Sudanese army continued to make in order to secure the voluntary return operations and protect the residents.