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Wednesday, 09 May 2018

Khartoum Refinery Pumps 1500 Tons of Benzene on its First Production Day

Khartoum - Director of Khartoum Refinery Company Engineer Munira Mahmoud has announced pumping of 1500 tons of benzene yesterday morning to the distribution

companies in the first day of production, indicating that the production of gasoline has reached 1400 tons daily since four days ago.
The Director of the Refinery affirmed that the production of the refinery would increase as of Tuesday to 2200 tons of benzene and 2300 tons of gasoline.
She said the refinery contributes to meeting the needs of the country of cooking gas by 85% at the rate of 850 tons per day, affirming that work is progressing normally in the refinery.
The Ministry of Petroleum and Gas announced in a statement it issued Friday start of end of the fuel crisis after resumption of refining operations by Khartoum Refinery.
The statement affirmed that the petroleum products are flowing from the refinery to the depots in a normal way.