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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Ninth Pyramid Discovered at Bijrawiya area, River Nile State

Khartoum- (SMC) Governor of River Nile State Hatim Al-Wasila has disclosed discovery of the ninth pyramid at Bijrawiya area, which extends to 10 meters beneath the ground

surface as he said that the details of the discovery would be announced on Tuesday in a press conference in the presence of Minister of Tourism Mohamed Abu Zaid Mustafa.
Bijrawiya town lies some 218 kilometers from Merowe town, north of Khartoum, the capital.
Merowe is considered one of the most important historical towns in Africa as it was established in a residential area, which had been the place of residence of the Merowatic kings since the sixth century B.C., according to the historians.
The Sudan is endowed with many antiquities and archaeological artifacts that are distributed at the various towns and regions of the country, reflecting the deep routed Sudanese civilization and culture and the ability of the Sudanese people for innovations and development.
Sudan has a vast heritage of antiquities, which gains their value if they are compared with the era and similar and neighboring areas.
Thus, Bijrawiya Pyramids are considered as a Sudanese achievement by societies that had created a distinguished architectural art using arithmetical systems that were considered advanced at the prevailing culture at that time.