Current Date:

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Launching Additional Financing of Sudan’ REDD + Readiness Phase

Khartoum -Dr. Karar Abbadi, Chairman of board of Directors of the National Corporation for  Forests NCF , a representative of the minister of agriculture and forests Professor

Abdullatif Ahmed Mohamed Ejemi  addressed the launching of the additional grant of US$ 5 million, as financing of the Sudan ’REDD + Readiness phase. The event was organized by the National Corporation for Forests, on Thursday 12th April 2018 at the Grand Holiday Villa in Khartoum in the presence of top officials and forests experts, International organizations representatives, representatives of Universities and faculties. Dr. Karar appreciated the great efforts exerted by the program team in Sudan. He noted to that Sudan will benefit from this additional grant in completion of all phases of the program. He expressed their readiness to implement the REDD Sudan program with highly efficiency.
Meanwhile , Ms. Dora Cudjoe , Senior Environmental specialist , at the World Bank Group – Environment and Natural resources , she the world bank task team leader . Dora pointed to the launching of the  REDD  Sudan as project with a duration of three years started in 2015-2018 with a total amount of US$ 3,8 million , and now this additional financing  of US$ 5 million to support the national forests assessments from the start point of readiness . She said it is a very happy day for World Bank and the Government of Sudan, saying they hope it will be the beginning for more work that. She explained that Sudan absolutely had benefited from this additional financing efficiency. 
Omer Hajam  , Director General , Foreign Finance , shed light on the importance of the REDD program , pointed to Sudan efforts exerted in this regard ,  the situation of Sudan in a desert area beside its great different potentials considering Gum Arabic as one of the most important of these natural agricultural resources .  He also noted to the importance of strategies with this huge finance to benefit from such grant of the US$ 5 million. He called on the NGOs to support these strategies. He expected to look for implementing of this program and to see its success.
Dr. Adama Coulibaly, World country Manager highlighted the program of REDD and its duration 2015-2018. He described the program in Sudan as successful and supportive for forests use and management .He conveyed his great congratulations to the ministry of agriculture , and the National Corporation for Forests NCF for the successful step in the implementing REDD program in Sudan . He added that this additional grant of US$ 5million to support Sudan in this vital issue, he appreciated the role and efforts of the Coordinator of the program REDD’ Sudan, Dr. Sayda Khalil.  He said that the additional grant will help in pushing forward and developing the strategies and plans.
As part of the program of launching additional finance included two presentations one presented by Ms. Mona Mohamed REDD+ focal point Kordofan sector, title Ghana exchange visit, and the other presented by Ms. Hanadi Kaml ElDin + focal point , central sector title , Niger visit
It worth mentioning that the US$ 3,8 million grant  From the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF ) to the government of Sudan being administered by the World Bank  , is to implement Readiness program of activities and include support for REDD .