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Monday, 02 April 2018

SIMFE Convenes in Khartoum

Khartoum –   The 3rd Sudan International Mining Business Forum and Exhibition SIMFE

started its works yesterday with a participation of 125 international and local mining companies represented 20 countries from all over the world, at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum.
Presidential Aide, Maj. Gen. Abdul Rahman Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi addressed the opening session, expressing the commitment of the Presidency of the Republic to the support the 3rd mining forum, emphasizing the importance smart partnerships in the field of investment, pointing out to Sudan great minerals potentials; besides providing a suitable investment environment. The Presidential Assistant noted that the forum is being organized within the efforts of the government in improving and developing the economy.  He pointed to the importance of indigenizing of mining industry.
Minister if Minerals, Professor Hashim Ali Salim, said that the SIMFE is held with great participation of national and international companies and organizations, pointing to the role of mining in leading the locomotive of economy of Sudan. He explained the efforts of ministry of minerals in developing mining industry since its establishment in 2010; besides setting of laws and rules organizing mining sectors, the national miming code, successful policies and its revision to adapt with the international standards.
The minister of minerals noted to the minerals potentials, explaining that there are more 40 minerals distributed in 12 states , pointed the precious minerals of Gold where Sudan came at the top list in production as the second country in Africa , and the 9th at the international level ., Diamond , and Platinum; along with the agricultural and industrial minerals. Prof. Hashim explained that there are 360 companies working in mining, pointed out that the conventional mining produces more than 80% of mining production in Sudan  ,where more than 2 million miner work in this field . 
Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima Abdallah, General Director of the Geological Research Authority of Sudan GRAS, head of the higher committee of SIMFE explained that the forum held with participation of 125 companies 95 are international, and 30 local companies, 200 geologists and experts, beside 1500 participants. He appreciated the efforts and cooperation with all partners and companies from worldwide.
Dr. Abu Fatima noted that the 3rd forum is being organized after the lifting of the US sanctions last October 2017, added that Sudan is looking to join the World Trade Organization WTO. He noted to establishing 12 integrated laboratories for analyzing and studies, besides establishing a n specialized bank for mineral development.
He assured that the forum during its three days is working to create competitive environment, attractive to investment.
Mr. Shariq Abdulhai, the General Director of VALIANT for Business media, the organizer of the SMIFE, in collaboration with the ministry of minerals said that the 3RD SMIFE comes this year after the lifting of US sanctions, describing the timing of organizing this forum as an opportunity to international companies to explore Sudan potentials, and to present their experiences. He described Khartoum as a safest place in the world, appreciating the participation the giant international companies from the different continents in the world, and the companies took place for first time after lifting of sanctions.