Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Sons of Returnees Sit for Examinations at Kurmuk Center for First Time

Khartoum - Deputy Governor and Minister of Health of Blue Nile State Dr. Abdul-Rahman Balal has launched start of basic education stage certificate in the state, by ringing the bell at the exam center at Al Zahra School in Damazin.
The Deputy Governor of Blue Nile State said that some 103 sons of the returnees sat for the examinations at Kurmuk town for the first time since 1998, saying this proves the expansion of peace and security in the state.
He pointed out that Governor of Blue Nile State Hussein Kurmuk.
The deputy governor added that the stability the state has witnessed would reflect positively on the results of the examinations of the basic and secondary school certificates in the state.
He pointed out that sitting by the sons of the returnees and nomads to examinations showed the concern accorded by the government of the state to education of all sectors of the society.