Current Date:

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Ethiopia Accuses Some of Anti-GERD of Targeting the Security and Stability of Its Territory

Khartoum - Ethiopia's Ambassador to Khartoum, Mulugeta Zewdie said Ethiopia's political, economic and social transformation did not impress much of the foreign hand, which

tried to target the security and stability of his country, stressing that the prime minister had resigned on his own free will.
The ambassador said, in a press conference here yesterday,  that consultations are continuing to choose a prime minister, expecting to be from outside the ruling party, He pointed out that Ethiopia is currently working to respond to the demands of the peoples and review all the situation, stressing that bilateral agreements between his country and Sudan are not affected, and that Ethiopia's foreign policy will not be affected by what is happening inside his country, stressing that Addis Ababa exceeded the stage of the seizure of power by force and weapons.
 He accused the Eritrean state of being directly involved in the events that took place in his country by harboring the Ethiopian armed opposition. He also accused another country, which he did not name, of involvement in these events by providing financial support and arms to the opposition in order to block the construction of GERD, stressing that those who oppose the dam will not stop fighting against it and has continued to provide financial support and weapons to opponents.
 He said that the Egyptians do not publicly disclose the positive aspects of GERD to them, stressing that Egypt's position towards the dam is well known and is aware that it does not affect them, stressing that his country will soon announce the definitive evidence on the involvement of some quarters in what is happening in Ethiopia, pointing out that the US Secretary of State tried to intervene in the internal affairs of Ethiopia, but was advised not to interfere, considering that Ethiopia is first as America first but said that if the US secretary of state wants to visit Ethiopia for tourism, Addis Ababa would welcome him.