Current Date:

Wednesday, 09 November 2016

Exchange Rate Liberalization Saved Medicine Sector from Collapse

Khartoum – The State Minister at the Ministry of Health, Sumeiya Akad has announced that the sector of health was threatened with total collapse within six months had it not been for the state’s intervention and liberalization of the exchange rate of the dollar allocated for importing medicine.
The National Congress Party has also welcomed the packages of economic policies.  While the Imam of the Grand Mosque, Al-Sadiq Abu Shora has strongly lashed on the decisions of the Ministry of Finance to the effect of lifting subsidies from fuels and electricity. The Ministry of Electricity and Water Resources has elaborated on the details of the increase of electricity tariff.
Sumeiya said the collapse of the medicines sector will not include only the imported medicine but it will also include the national medicines industry because it will not produce new types of medicines.