Current Date:

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Experimental Launch of Electronic Payment System Today

Khartoum - Minister of Finance and Economic Planning Badr Addin Mahmoud has announced today the launch of an experimental version of the planed electronic payment system stressing that the system protects itself against electronic infringements, highlighting the need for setting up back up systems for its continuation.
Adrressing the third forum of the states at the Friendship Hall, Mahmoud said launching this project represents a fundamental base for Electronic government, noting that the system will be launched via the national transformer and electronic clearing at the Bank of Sudan and the sale points to citizens as well as the governmental electronic payment.
He outlined that the system enables citizen to obtain the service rapidly and easliy without accessing governmental agencies along with saving effort and time in obtaining the service.
He further highlighted the availability of transparency in revenue collection and the entry of a bigger amount of money supply into the banking system.
The Minister went on to disclose launching computerization of the Taxation Chamber in the middle of this month, calling on government secretaries and the Ministers of Finance in the state to implement the system in full noting that the system of single treasury has realized SDG 1.4 billion of liquidity.