Current Date:

Wednesday, 07 February 2018

African Mediation Suspends Two Areas Talks to Later Date

Khartoum – African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AHIP) announced adjournment of negotiations between the Sudanese government and the Sudan People's

Liberation Movement (SPLM), which was held on Thursday in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, to a later date.
AUHIP, led by Thabo Mbeki adopted a joint statement signed by the heads of the government and the SPLM- N delegation, which indicated that the mediation team had suspended the negotiations and that it would be resumed later.
Spokesman for the government delegation, Ambassador Hassan Hamid said, in a press statement,  that the joint statement referred to the declaration of a unilateral cease-fire (the Sudanese government) and the cessation of hostilities declared by the SPLM-N, adding that the statement confirmed the commitment of the Sudanese government and the SPLM-N  to reach a political settlement and to continue this will and to work to sustain the unilateral cease-fire declared by the Sudanese government and the declaration of cessation of hostility declared by the SPLM, stressing that this measure resulted in benefits for the population in the two areas, pointing out that the statement also pointed out the concerned parties will consider in the coming period all means to deal with the remaining issues and to be able to conclude the negotiations successfully, expressing their appreciation to the mediators and international partners who supported the march of this round of negotiations.
The two parties involved in the negotiations had presented their proposals to the African mediation, which in turn presented a compromise proposal, but the movement's delegation maintained its position on its proposed paper, which led to the suspension of this round to a later date.
A member of the government delegation told Sudan Vision that the government delegation demanded that the cessation of hostilities by the SPLM should b developed into a permanent ceasefire and that the two parties abide by the ceasefire, affirming that the movement had stressed that  the  path of humanitarian aid to be through a direct external route to the areas of the movement, and objecting to the principle of national sovereignty, stressing that one of the positive aspects of this round is the two parties' reaffirmation of the cessation of hostilities by the movement and the cease-fire by the government , which achieves successes that have had a positive effect on the movement of citizens in the two areas, in addition to continuation  of negotiations as soon as possible.