Current Date:

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Portugal Pavilion Wins the Prize of the Most Diversified International Stand at the 35th International Fair of Khartoum 2018

Khartoum - Portugal participated for the Second time at the 35th Khartoum International Annual Exhibitions 2018, winning the prize of the most diversified International

Stand which was awarded to the Portuguese- Sudanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Sudanese Portuguese Friendship and Business Association. More than  8 Portuguese companies participated in the fair,  including ( Building Material , Infrastructure , Power , Stationery, Agro-Air Survey , Elevators , Import and Export, Energy Saving,.. ) also more than 1,000 person a day have visited  the Portuguese Pavilion: The main objective was to promote a strong commercial and industrial relations between Portuguese and  Sudanese Companies and opening new markets in both countries. Many Important official visited the Pavilion during the Exhibition days including (H.E  Sudanese Cabinet Affairs Minister, Mr. Ahmed Saad Omer - H.E The Sudanese Minister for Trade, Mr. Hatim Al Sir and H.E The Sudanese Federal Minister of International Cooperation, Mr. Idriss Suliman ) in addition to the National & Regional Broadcasting TV.