Current Date:

Wednesday, 07 February 2018

Blue Nile Leading Figures Demands UN Investigation on Yabous Incidents

Gisan ((SMC)) – Leading figures in the Blue Nile State revealed intension to submit a memorandum to the UN

and humanitarian organizations urging for conducting an investigation on the violations committed by Malik Agar troops in the Blue Nile including killing of civilians in the refugees’ camps and raping women besides the attack on the organizations and civilians in Yabous area.
SPLM-N breakaway leading figure, Osama Duju stated to (SMC) that they will submit a memorandum to the UN remanding transparent and comprehensive investigations over the incidents and the violations committed by Agar’s troops, besides using the refugees’ camps in Yabous area to mobilization and recruiting along with the attacks on the tribes which occurred last September.