Current Date:

Thursday, 01 February 2018

Animal Resources Ministry Uncovers Increase of Livestock Exports to 6 Million Head

Khartoum- The Ministry of Animal Resources has affirmed that all preparations have been completed for convening the National Conference on Animal Resources under the

sponsorship of First Vice President and National Prime Minister Lt. Gen. Bakri Hassan Saleh, with the participation of more than 30 countries and 13 regional and international organizations besides FAO and the Animal Resources Commission at the African Union.
The conference is to be held under the theme: Animal Resources for Food Security and Boosting the National Economy.
Minister of Animal Resources Bushara Jumaa Aror said in a press conference yesterday that the exports of animal resources have increased to six million heads, indicating that the coming period would witness a great leap in the Sudanese meat products to meet high demand on them at the international markets, as the Sudanese animals rely on natural pastures.
The Minister said the conference aims at realizing the initiative of the President of the Republic for Arab food security as it also targets reflecting the economic, social and political importance of the animal resources.