Current Date:

Thursday, 01 February 2018

Leaderships of the Two Areas Optimistic over Success of Coming Round of Negotiations

Khartoum - Members of the government delegation have expressed optimism over the coming round of negotiations in Addis Ababa on the Two Areas, the Blue Nile and

South Kordofan States.
Member of the government negotiating delegation Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Karshom, speaking in a symposium organized by Youth Secretariat of the National Congress Party on the peace negotiations under the title “opportunities and challenges”, has said that they would go to the negotiations with agreements with SPLM-N, pointing out that the SPLM-N has accepted cessation of hostilities and we approved cease-fire and that the movement approved the American initiative and the government also agreed on it and the two parties agree on ways for delivery of humanitarian relief to the affected peoples in the two area.
What then remained, Karshom wondered.
He said now there is agreement on the real issues unlike in the previous rounds of negotiations.
 He affirmed failure of the vision of new Sudan as the State of South Sudan is disintegrating.
Karshom pointed out that the international community for the first time accepted the objective proposals by the Sudanese Government, referring to new voices by the peoples of the two areas that they don’t want war.
Deputy Chairman of the NCP in South Kordofan State and member of the government negotiating delegation Al Hadi Osman, on his part, affirmed that they are optimistic that the coming round of talks would be fruitful, referring to a number of factors including the roadmap agreement, the outcome of the National Dialogue on the two areas and formation of the National Accord Government that has included a wide spectrum of the Sudanese political forces.
Maj. Gen. Abdel-Bagi Garfah, on his part, pointed out that there are big indications for the success of the coming round of negotiations, including declaration of peace by the President of the Republic.