Current Date:

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Minster of Interior: Sudan Hosts Over Two Million Refugees Constituting Burden on Resources

Khartoum: Minister of Interior General Police Dr Hamid Manan  has disclosed that Sudan has been  hosting  by the end of last September two million  two hundred twenty

seven thousands and four hundred forty one South Sudan refugees.
The Minister said in his response to the urgent query on the presence of south Sudan State  refugees inside Sudan raised by mp Dr, Abdulrahman Mohamed Issa third constituency Gedarif state, that the country is still seeing influx of refugees due to lack of security and the dire economic conditions in South Sudan state.
He added that the country receives daily between 750-1000 refugees from South Sudan
He noted that transporting  the refugees to their countries conflicts with the charters and international agreements which were signed by Sudan  confirming Sudan's commitment to not returning them to their countries until after the end of the famine and the prevalence of security.
He asserted that his Ministry has agreed with Khartoum state to issue a presidential decision specifying the states that receive south Sudan refugees to practice the profession of agriculture or other profession.