Current Date:

Wednesday, 04 April 2018

Sudan Benefits from Establishing African Free Trade Zone

Khartoum- Hatim al Sir, Minister of Trade, a member of the presidential delegate to the AU extra ordinary summit

on establishing African free trade zone held in Rwanda recently, stated that Sudan is considered the first beneficiary from establishing AFTZ ,for its great potentials in the different fields .
The minister of trade added that Sudan had reservation on the agreement regard to the freeing of the Customer tariff, pointed to the agreement to discuss this issue later, particularly the supplements to complete the agreement. He pointed that this agreement will obtain employment for graduates, and solving the problem of unemployment in the African countries.
Al-sir said that Sudan will be a cross for trade in Africa, with the neighboring countries in particular. He added that the agreement is highly appreciated with the concerned bodies, considering it as a support of the program of reform in Sudan.