Current Date:

Tuesday, 09 January 2018

Venezuelan Ambassador Celebrates the New Year with Students

Khartoum (Muawad/Neimat) - (Photo: Nusiba Abusamra) – Ambassador of Venezuela to Sudan, His Excellency Anibal Marquez has received in his residence

the students who study Spanish in the Bolivar/Chavez library donated by the Embassy to the University of Khartoum.
The ceremony was attended by the students from all levels in Spanish language course.
It is worth noting that there are three groups, first group amounts to 45, second group amounts to 27 and third group amounts to 20.
The main purpose of the ceremony is to welcome the new comers to the Spanish course and to appreciate the efforts of the teaching staff and the old patches.
The courses are free and the embassy shoulders the incentives of the teaching staff and other expenditures.
We in Sudan Vision value high the efforts of H.E. Anibal Marquez in boosting the popular diplomacy through his unique initiatives.