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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Letter to the Editor: Tourism in Sudan, the World Looks For

Indeed, all of us agree that tourism a major source for many countries worldwide

. Sudan due to its vast area, cultural and eco-diversity has high potentials to attract tourists. Considering other types of tourism such as eco-tourism, Sudan could have benefited from medical tourism. Depending on its long standing medical institutions and the qualified medical staff in Sudan, all these and others could have been a well-known medical tourism destination in the region like Jordan.
If Sudan had established medical institutions, provided with sophisticated equipment, it could have attracted those who are seeking medical care from the neighboring countries .Now, Sudan can adopt the United Arab Emirates UAE model by conducting some sort of cooperation with prominent medical bodies abroad, such as John Hopkins hospital, or Mayo Clinic in US to be a medical hub.
We have hard task to do .We should set up a short-term program for at least five years. We should construct and create infrastructure conductive to tourism, such as construction of roads , hotels , clinics, improving means of communications , providing easy access for internet , providing water supply , sanitation services and hygienic education  …etc., as well as  training , and capacity building of staff beside the spreading of tourism culture , and reviewing the experiences of other countries who have made great stride in this regard .
Above all good governance leading to peace and stability is the only guarantee for a booming tourism industry.
Abu Alhussein Khamees Ali
Sudanese Translator in UAE

From the Editor
It is our pleasure to have this continuous fair response to what is actually we are doing in the paper and on the web site. Spotlight column is just to shed light on one of the daily issues either politically or economically, socially, culturally or any topic in our daily life. We work to share ideas and views, and opinions to agree or disagree with, we exchange these views to enable the government, the concerned officials, private sector, NGOs, the whole society to make attentions to such issues.
Tourism is one of the important sectors to play a major role in our economy; we are still hammering on this issue for its real important to everybody, In Sudan and abroad. We appreciate every single word that pushes forward the efforts of developing Sudan, for the sake of its people. Tourism is one of the renewable resources; we have all kinds of tourist attractions. And this is tourism that the whole world is looking for.