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Monday, 25 December 2017

Weekly Roundup: Religious Freedoms in Sudan

In his recent visit to Khartoum the U.S. Deputy Secretary expressed the U.S. Administration concern – among other thinks issues -on the religious freedoms and human rights, where the Sudanese officials affirmed that in Sudan those issues are constitutional and the government is committed to it.
In my opinion the issue of religious freedoms is just like the issue of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) which was included in the five tracks and that means that the US Administration has got wrong information on the issue.
Sudan is a country of several paradoxes in regard to religion coexistence as this is clear in our people in Nuba Mountains where in one family you can find a Christian and a Muslim and pagans and none of them interfere on the belief of the other.
Despite the different religions in one family, they come at the end of the day round the dinner table a matter that reflects the religious tolerance.
Sudan’s long history did not witness any religious disputes as we can see the Churches and the mosques adjacent to each other in different place in Sudan.
In Sudan we have the best Architecture of a Church in Africa in El-Obied.
In Sudan there are 475 Churches for the different Christian religious denominations, besides more than 713 in unplanned areas, and the missionary schools.
All this number of Churches serves only 1.5% of the population of Sudan.
To sum it up we can say that the Sudanese nation since its establishment has certain standards towards religions freedoms which cement the religious co-existence.