Current Date:

Friday, 25 May 2018

The Game Begins

The relationship between Sudan and Egypt is not just a matter of borders, but it's more than that

. The two countries share long starting from being one country with one ruler (England – Turkey) sharing the same destiny, also after they became to countries  they still share many projects, agreements, education exchange  program for a period of time and many others things. Furthermore Egypt share geographically the river Nile one of Sudan many rivers, that Nile form by the combination between the White Nile and the Blue Nile in Sudan.
Lately and after the huge success in development in Sudan and the removing of sanctions, in time Egypt is going throw many economic collapses and terrorist attacks, which significantly reduced  tourism. All of this made Egypt do not want Sudan to grow or develop, because Egypt had this concept that Sudan is under their guardianship and it will never be strong independent country on its own.
The Egyptian government have a great control  and tactics on what they Delivering in there media, they can even use false information,  the visit of the Turkey's president  Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Sudan,  the Egyptian media made a very aggressive campaign on this visit beside using an inappropriate words to  describe Sudan  to make fun of it, further more when president Erdogan announced  that Turkey is going to rebuild Sawaken Egyptian  government didn’t accept that and the media starts to attack Sudan and claimed that Sawaken is belong to Egypt and Sudan have no rights to make such a decision.

Halayeb triangle is an area located on African cost of the red sea. The area which takes its name from town of Halayeb . After independence of Sudan in 1956 Egypt claimed that Halayeb  is   an Egyptian land, from that time Egypt government never accept the offer of Sudan to take the case to the international court of justice and also  refuses to set on tables to negotiate, lately Egypt starts to raise the case in media and also in land by putting their hands on the land and arresting some Sudanese citizens with accusation that they are crossing borders illegally.
One the shocking Egyptians actions is the hosting of armed Sudanese group and give them a complete free movements inside their country, that actions reflect a very bad impression in Sudan that Egypt do not want the war in Sudan to end. And if we go back in history, when the Darfur conflict starts Egypt played no role in solving the conflict, however other countries made a huge intervention and held many conferences for negotiations to solve the problem
Furthermore Egypt actions didn’t stop at that level but it goes further to exporting vegetable and fruits that contain Bactria that could cause epidemic diseases.
Egyptian   escalation policy they are attempting doesn’t stop at that level, in this article I just want to in light the reader about the game am about to start but level one will be about GERD in Ethiopia….NO REGERTS …NO SERNDER