Current Date:

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Launch of the Media Initiative Website (Sudan the Origin of Civilization)

(Press Release) - The Media Initiative Website entitled (Sudan the Origin of Civilization) has been launched at Sudan News Agency

(SUNA) with the partnership between the Initiative, MTN-Sudan and Net 249 for Tourism Promotion. This site aims to acquaint people with the history of the Sudanese civilization through documented information, images and varied video materials.

The site offers the opportunity to all researchers and those interested in Sudanese history to enrich the electronic content and feed it with information for the world to know the deeply rooted history of Sudan.

Eng. Abdalla Alfadil, General Manager, Corporate Services at MTN-Sudan talked about this project sponsored by MTN-Sudan saying that this flows from the genuine social responsibilities of the Company towards the community, “ The best MTN-Sudan has to offer to our beloved country is to acquaint others with the real history of Sudan and to promote Sudanese civilization,” he said. This project has been one of the 21 Days Y’ello Care Program implemented and managed by MTN staff in 2017, adding that MTN-Sudan is keen to reflect true face of Sudan and to highlight its capabilities, for this reason it has entered the information in both Arabic and English languages and some of the reports have been translated from Arabic to English with the good cooperation on the part of the Initiative. The company has declared its solidarity with all the activities that aim to raise Sudan’s name recognition, particularly in the regional and global forums.

Dr. Tayseer Muhammad Hasan said that the project is at the heart of the Initiative's interests and its high-level objectives, and has undertaken to tour all the archeological sites in Sudan to inspect their condition. “The launch of this site is counted a significant success for the Initiative and a culmination of its genuine national efforts,” she added, calling all those interested in enriching this content to participate in this significant national action. In conclusion, she extended her deep thanks to all partners, in particular the Ministry of Tourism, Antiques and Wildlife which embarrassed this Initiative from its outset. She also thanked MTN-Sudan staff for their valuable support and for executing the project within the 21 Days Y’ello Care Program,2017.  Also tribute has been paid to Net 249 for Tourism Promotion the key partner in the Initiative who designed this project.

The representative of Net 249 for Tourism Promotion Mr. Majid al-Khair said that the idea of ??designing the site has arisen from their responsibilities and deep concern of the usefulness of the project, saying that they have been working in it for nearly ten years within which they set up several websites to support tourism and to increase familiarization with Sudan civilization, improve knowledge of our country and what it has to offer.

At the end of the event, Mr. Anas al-Imam, the manager of the project made a presentation about the website shedding light on its different parts which have been divided according to its geographical basis acquainting attendees with  the history of ancient Sudan and the most momentous events in it. 

At the margins of the event, the partners of the project, the former Minister of Tourism in the Northern State Mr. Jafar ‘abd al-Majid, Ustaz Mahmud Muhammad Mahmud, the Minister of Tourism in River Nile State have been honored for their tireless efforts to facilitate the visits to those States and for the outstanding contribution they have made to the success of this mission. Also the residents of Marwarti Island were recognized for the very generous and kind hospitality and the warm and cordial reception accorded to the Media Delegation throughout their stay.