Current Date:

Friday, 16 March 2018

Launch of the Field Hospital Project for Women and Children

First Lady Ms. Widad Babikir, President of the Board of Directors of Sanad  Charity Foundation

, inaugurated yesterday  the project of the field hospital for women and Children  initiated  by  Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak  for Volunteer and the Zayed  for Tender  Initiative and the General Women's Union in partnership with the foundation of charity  in Sharq al-Nile Locality.
Addressing the inauguration of the Field Hospital project for women and Children, the Minister of Security and Social development, Mashair Al-Dawalab, stressed that the Initiative is a necessity to move communities to promote voluntary action appreciated the role of the Government and people of the United Arab Emirates of their kindly support. 
In  Sudan, hailing the strong bilateral relations between the two countries, noting that the field Hospital project was launched in the state of Khartoum and then to the various States of the Sudan and to the African neighbouring countries  to serve humanity and the provision of care services
 Representative of the Governor of Khartoum State, Professor Mamoun Humaida, Minister of Health said such initiative is more important specially for the States.
 We in Khartoum State have worked to recast the concept of health as it is old concepts and enable to restore primary health care to its strong level, said Humaida. 70 percent of citizens are attending health centers, adding that these health centers provide 75 percent of the services and work to develop work in major hospitals. .
 Praising the efforts of Sanad Charity Foundation, which has been supporting health services in Khartoum and the States, noting that health is on the partnerships and solidarity of all companies and that is the most important partner .

 H.E. Ambassador Hamad Al-Junaibi, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Khartoum, paid tribute to the outstanding strategic relations between the Sudan and the UAE. Noting that the initiative of Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak is a one-year humanitarian initiative in the Sudan, which is increasing, stressing the ongoing cooperation and partnership in several Areas.
 Director of Sanad Charity Foundation said the Field Hospitals Initiative is one of the humanitarian initiatives around the country and is aimed at the category vulnerable, noting that it is the first of its kind in Africa and focuses on women's and child care services revealing the launch The mobile hospital for early screening of breast cancer during the next two months. the works in the Sharq Al-Nile locality  targeting more than 2,000 citizens and then proceeds to the different States of the Sudan and the African neighboring countries
 It is worth noting that Sanad Charity Foundation was founded in 2004 as a result of a gracious initiative of the first lady of Sudan.
Sanad is non-profitable foundation which was established in accordance with the Voluntary and Humanitarian Work Act which allows it to support and coordinate with other voluntary and grass roots organizations.
Sanad Foundation contributes to capacity building of other organizations and in promoting their programs among donor communities to play their role nationally and internationally and to supplement government efforts especially during emergencies and disasters                                                . Working together towards a unique humanitarian work for a society enjoying security, peace and sustainable development                       
Sanad is a non-governmental organization which supports, aids, coordinates and executes actively and efficiently.
The Strategic Goals       
Building the capacities of national and grass roots organization
-Contributing in bridging the gap, with regards to the basic services to citizens and other special groups                                                           
-Contributing to poverty mitigation                                                          
-Contributing to peace building                                                                                                                                       
Fields of Work
Sanad is carrying out its duties according to a five-year s