Current Date:

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

All Are Determined to Change Women’s Lives in Rural and Urban Areas

Ministry of Security and Social Development in collaboration with the United Nation Population Fund ( UNFPA) celebrated last Thursday the International Women’s Day , under the theme "All are Determined to change Women’s Lives in Rural and Urban Areas "  under the patronage of the Minister of Security and Social Development .

Undersecretary of the Ministry of Security and Social development, Dr Ali Mohamed Khair asserted the state's concern to women's issues and their empowerment in all areas. Speaking  on the occasion of the International Women’s Day at the Corinthia Hotel, said  the Ministry  in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) determined to change the lives of rural and urban women through policies, strategies, plans, programmes and budget monitoring to promote the needs and empowerment of women

 Mohamed Khair stated that the State has adopted economic policies and strategies that have resulted in the establishment of a microfinance unit in the Central Bank of Sudan. Establishment of specialized banks and portfolios to finance families and establishment of a fund to prevent funding risks in addition to the partnership for women and youth in the agricultural sector , where 70% of it is allocated to women's finance , saying that the state also adopts a number of initiatives,  the National project for the development of rural women and comprehensive social safety programmes

 He emphasized the state's concern and the strengthening of its interventions to achieve safe motherhood, which was reflected in the decline in child mortality rates and was provided in every neighbourhood and in the area extensively to participate in the outputs of the national community dialogue and to be represented in advanced positions in decision-making and , He called for concerted efforts and the operationalization of partnerships to increase women's capacities. He stressed that the laws guaranteed women's rights , appreciated the significant role played by social centres in raising women's capacities

 Lena Moussa, Country Director of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), confirmed that the celebration aim to  highlight the  issues of  women, especially the social one , to remove abuses and gaps in the application of laws and to provide services, especially in the countryside.
Work must be done to eliminate violence against women, where a large number of women in the world were exposed to severe shortages of basic services, and UNFPA provides technical and financial support to achieve national programmes for women's issues, pointing out that 70% of the current program is directed to women

 The Minister of Security and Social development, Mashair Al-Dawalab congratulated all Sudanese women in rural and urban areas and their active role in progress and giving in all spheres in accordance with their religious and cultural foundations and the efforts of all partners.

In statement on the occasion of International Women's Day, she said every year we are determined to change the lives of women in rural and urban areas, noting the major gains made for Sudanese women in all fields.

The Minister said the initiative of  Arms  collection has contributed significantly to security and stability and has given the political will to women's issues and the culmination of these efforts.  Ministry is now preparing to launch the women's document for dialogue and national reconciliation with its components women's rights, updated national policy and women's plan Security, peace and economic empowerment all of these documents reinforce achievements in favor of Sudanese women within the framework of legislation, laws, political participation and the areas of economic and social development.

In her statement, the Minister explained that Sudanese women were in political empowerment. They had a high participation rate of 30% and held many positions in the executive and legislative branches and assumed the highest positions in all areas
The Minister stressed that the data had shown progress in basic gender education and higher education favouring girls, as well as nomadic education and rural women's development
On the health side, there has been a noticeable improvement in maternal and child mortality, a campaign and a healthy campaign to address harmful habits and increase the proportion of midwives by moving forward with the provision of a midwife to each village
On the economic side, the Minister referred to the national Project for the development of rural women and the establishment of a good loan portfolio and a 50% increase in funding for women's economic empowerment.
She hoped to provide more for the development of rural and urban women.